What do we do?

Let’s meet. Four things to introduce you to the Sales Pistols world. It’s a one-way ticket…



We design solutions for sales departments of the biggest international companies which are not satisfied with their outcomes.



Our Sales Pistols PRO app supports real-world outcomes with virtual activities. Some say it’s a unique mixture of Facebook and Endomondo… for salespeople.



We strenghten best sales practices and drive sustainable behaviour change. Winning is a habit.

Data analysis

Data analysis

The results are made of data analysis. We analyze and report. We keep track of daily activities and draw conclusions.

Most common sales issues

We have no mercy on them.

  • Unsatysfying sales quality

    Salespeople do not set specific goals for a meeting? They have problems with dealing with clients’ objections? They rarely determine the next step with the client?

  • Low sales activity

    Do you have the impression that sometimes your sales reps rest before starting work, because some of them have just completed the last month’s goal? Or maybe you get the impression that their activity is a rollercoaster: up and down, up and down?

  • Motivational issues

    Bonuses and incentives work, but usually for a small group of people? Do you have the impression that sales contests are usually held only to be won again by the same handful of the best reps?

  • Problems with knowledge implementation

    Product and sales trainings often work, but unfortunately in the short term. Despite initial enthusiasm, knowledge evaporates over time or is not implemented in everyday practice.

  • No ideas to break the sales scheme

    All meetings look the same, and your clients know each and every new move? Salespeople tend to have a chit-chat, and the goal for a meeting is usually “to sell” or “things will work out somehow”?

  • Lack of effective cooperation

    Employees do not exchange knowledge? Information does not flow between departments? No wonder – after all, what motivation does the best salesman have to share his best practices with others?


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La Familia

Meet the Sales Pistols team.

Łukasz Grabowski CEO

Sales manager, coach, trainer and entrepreneur. He gained experience in international companies from FMCG, automotive and luxury goods sectors. His specialization areas are: creating and implementing sales strategies, negotiatitng with key clients, recruitment and sales trainings. Thanks to his experience in various industries, he perfectly understands the problems of today's sales reps.

Jan Grzesikiewicz Managing Partner

Active, dynamic and determined. Hunter hungry for adrenaline and challenges. Sales trainer and consultant with many years of experience in sales and sales management. His role is to diagnose problems of his clients and propose results-oriented solutions. In his career he managed sales in several industries, which allows him to conduct a multi-aspect analysis of the clients' sales teams and their potential.

Dariusz Milczarek Member of the Board

Entrepreneur, business-oriented trainer, consultant and coach. He specializes in broadly understood sales force development. Engaged in the consulting and sales trainings market since the early 90's. Managing Partner of Sandler Training Poland. Over 20 years of consulting experience, he cooperated with dozens of the largest Polish and international corporations. Serial keynote speaker and mentor.

  • Filip Szczęsny

  • Rafał Dróbka

  • Sylwester Ryś

    Sanofi Aventis
  • The implementation of the Sales Pistols project contributed to a real increase in the sales activity of Medical Representatives as well as the implementation of the crucial KPIs of our organization. The mechanisms of gamification have made typically routine and repeatable sales activities a completely new and exciting thing!

  • The project implemented by Sales Pistols was characterized by timely execution of tasks, quick reactions to the project participants' requests and achieving the assumed goals. Sales Pistols is a reliable partner in the field of gamification solutions.

  • Project results were perfectly in line with its assumptions. Also, a definitely positive experience of cooperation with the Sales Pistols team allows me to recommend it as a partner in the implementation of business gamification solutions for sales departments.


It doesn’t matter who you are: head of sales, manager, salesman or gamification enthusiast. You will always find something relevant here.

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